FAIL Friday

Welcome to this edition of FAIL! Friday. Hope your week has gone well and you haven't experienced too many FAILs this week yourself. Mine happened just yesterday and I have to say, it was pretty darn cute. If it weren't so disgusting, I would've made James recreate it so I could take a picture.

Our yard is in the midst of a makeover, with a truly ambitious landscaping project underway. The tiger lilies desperately needed to be transplanted, the ground needs to be dug up for the edgers, and we need to get some landscaping rocks....all that is to say, I'm feeling the pinch and needed to focus on something other than James. Which means: WHATEVER MAKES JAMES QUIET, JAMES GETS TO DO while Mama is busy. Don't lie--you've let your kids do crazy stuff while you were busy too.

On this particular day, what made James quiet was drinking out of the water hose. Not too bad, you might be thinking, but you didn't see how muddy this water hose was. I look over at James only to see his mouth covered with mud. And a great big smile. Who knew mud tasted so yummy?


JennyMac said...

What a cute story...and its a great way to share these priceless moments.

Michelle G. said...

This was so NOT a fail. I told you: Dirt has protein!!! ;-)