What Does a SAHM Do All Day?

My husband sometimes wonders what I do all day. I know this, because he has asked me before, and the conversation usually goes something like this:

Toby: Hey honey, how was your day?
Joanna: It was a normal day.
Toby: So, what exactly does normal look like? What do you do when I'm at work?
Joanna: (after much laughter) I think it would be easier to eliminate the things I don't do, rather than try to explain everything I do in my day.
Talking to other SAHMs who have the same frustrations answering that question has made me come to terms with one thing that I already knew (head knowledge) before I became a SAHM, but now I know (experience daily). I work really hard at my job as Home Executive, but have little to nothing tangible to show for it. For example, this morning I have busted my butt to do laundry and clean my house, but the laundry will get dirty and the house will get messy very quickly.

To answer the question "What do you do all day?" is complicated. Not only do I feel that I have nothing tangible to show for my efforts, I constantly have to multi-task--which often leads to getting nothing fully accomplished. For us human beings who are task oriented, this can be downright discouraging.

Starting today, I am logging everything I do in a day as an experiment. It will be interesting to see how I spend my time each day and how consistent my week is. Maybe there will even be a few lessons learned about priorities along the way. Expect results next week.


Michelle G. said...

an honorable goal, my friend. though i admit to attempting this recently and it left me more frustrated than previously... hope you find some satisfaction in it... know that you are doing the best job ever simply by keeping the little one alive. :-) love ya.

Kelly said...

I did a monologue one time at church titled "What did I do all day" Remind me to show it to you sometime.