Grieving the Loss of Mike Samples

Mike Samples passed away yesterday morning. He was staying with his twin sister at her home and she insisted that he go to the hospital because he wasn't well. She went to change her clothes and he said he wanted a nap instead. By the time she changed her clothes and came back to Mike he had peacefully passed away.

There is some relief in knowing his two decade long fight with AIDS is over. Also a severe diabetic, he often had major blood sugar spikes and dips which made him pass out. Over the past year he has suffered blockages, surgeries and organs shutting down. The pain and suffering is finally over.

Although Mike is my husband's half-brother, I didn't know him very well. But I will never forget the light in his eyes when he held my Sweet Baby James for the first time. He was delighted to see the sweet smile of a child who looked so much like his brother Toby.

Mike's battle may be over, but there is still a lot of unfinished business. Please pray for our family as we grieve this loss. I am very sad that Mike never knew Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He desperately needed God's grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. I am also sad that he didn't find acceptance in this world. Many people who mistakenly assumed they would have to accept Mike's homosexual lifestyle in order to love and respect him decided to reject him completely. Most of those people are still ignorant of the consequences of their actions, but some are having to deal with their past choices and are having a hard time coping now that there is no chance for reconciliation.

While we didn't always agree with Mike's choices, we genuinely loved him. From the way Mike interacted with us, I believe he knew this and loved us too. Thank you for your prayers and sensitivity at this time. We found out the news as we drove to church yesterday morning, but we didn't turn around to go home because we knew that our loving family at Temple Baptist would be waiting there to support us and help us through this time. I can't thank you enough for those who have given us their condolences and offered to help in any way they can.


Rudy said...

Hey friend, I am so sorry for the loss you guys are suffering. I truly pray that this can be used for God's glory in the lives of T's family and that it will further open the eyes of people who did not cherish their time with Mike and spur them to change for the better. Praying peace over you all and that God's comfort embrace you right now. Please let us know if you need anything.