Dear James,

This week you said your first sentence. "Oh! You did it!" You were so proud of me because I turned on the light switch that you were pointing at. Before this you were screaming bloody murder and I was about to go bonkers. But then you stopped and your eyes lit up and you exclaimed "Oh! You did it!"

You are barely even 15 months old, but you've sure hit that milestone month where everything happens at once. You scoop up yogurt and feed yourself, to which I exclaim, "You did it!" You are starting to help pick up toys and put them away in their containers. "You did it, James!" We sing together, play silly games and I watch how your mind is developing so quickly. Today you told me you had to poop and then you pooped in your potty. "You did it! You pooped in the potty!"

When I tell you that you are Mama's big boy, you say "I baby!" But I have to disagree. You are becoming a big boy and I love watching you grow.

Hugs and kisses,