Question of the Week

What’s more challenging — parenting or marriage?

My answer: Hands-down, parenting is harder than marriage. Marriage isn't easy, in fact it can present its own challenges. But parenting is a whole new arena, trying to quickly figure out what you are doing and wondering if you are hindering the development of another human being in the process. Not to mention the sleep exhaustion, crying, diaper changing and 24 hour-a-day/7 day-a-week attention that your child requires.

What do you think?


Norse, Jesica, and Boden said...

Parenting. Because they are much more demanding and less appreciative. Also you love them more than you thought possible, but someday they will leave you to have their own family.

Judy Smith said...

I thought parenting toddlers was hard until I had teenagers. It's harder than marriage becuase in marriage you can expect your partner to act like an adult, but children will be ( and should be) childish

amanda weber said...

so far: marriage