Life is Sacred

There is a wonderful blog called Not to Us that I have been following the past few months. The author, Lindsay, is a friend of a friend and I give her much credit for valuing the sanctity of human life. You see, when she was 18 weeks pregnant, her water broke. She should have lost her baby, but she didn't. Her fluids shouldn't have regenerated, but they did. Yesterday, at 32 and a half weeks, her OB/GYN did an emergency C-section. Baby Burke is beautiful and miraculous and doing quite well.

Praise God for the little miracle that He brought into this world! Thank God for parents who wanted their baby so much that 13 weeks of bedrest, too many doctors' appointments to count and the struggles of having a husband in grad school and a 3 year old to take care of didn't influence them to terminate an inconvenient pregnancy.

Another reminder to me of how precious all human life is.